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Biografía In the case of the o.g. multifactorial determinism of psoriasis it is easy to understand that only individual holistic therapy, Provocation factors, can have long-term success. The aim of this therapy is to transform manifest psoriasis into best seborrheic dermatitis shampoo a non-appearance form and to stabilize this condition in the long term. Since the genetic predisposition of the psoriatics is not to be influenced and each patient has his own illness, an attempt is made primarily to find as precisely as possible the individual provocatid factors of exogenous and endogenous nature and to eliminate these specifically. In the Neukirchen Special Clinic, this is firstly ensured within the scope of a comprehensive diagnostic program using clinical and special environmental-medical, microbiological, biochemical and immunological investigations. The following individual therapy measures are strictly based on the results obtained in the diagnosis program and include in particular:

Internal treatment component

This includes measures such as:

    Rehabilitation of microbial herds that have affected mucous membranes, airways, urinary tract, intestine or genital area.
    Restoration of a healthy intestinal flora and intestinal function, For example by means of lactic acid-producing bacteria and healthy E. coli strains.
    Identification and elimination of relevant pollutants such as pesticides, wood preservatives, heavy metals from dental alloys and the like.
    Activation of detoxification mechanisms of the liver and blood (alcohol / aldehyde dehydrogenases, phenol oxidases, mono- and diamine oxidases) as well as degradation of increased uric acid and fat in the blood. Biological leachers and vitamins with a co-enzyme function such as B2, B6, B12 are used here.
Elimination of increased concentrations of disease-promoting substances in the blood (endotoxins, biogenic amines, pathogenic antibodies and circulating immune complexes) by exclusion diet, enzyme delivery, et al. Activation of the humoral and ten-lary body defense function by means of immunoglobulin administration, autovaczine and biologically-herbal preparations such as Echinacea, Thuja, Baptisia. Replacement of missing vitamins, trace elements dermatitis natural treatment, essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) and energetically active substances (fumaric acid, ATP). The administration of such remedies also has individual character and strictly follows the examination results.

Dietary measures

According to experience, most psoriatists have to refrain from eating certain foods which can cause allergic or pseudoallergic reactions or have an unfavorable effect on the intermediate metabolism. This is where food comes into question

    with increasing effect on the uric acid and blood fat values (pork, entrails, asparagus, fatty foods),
    with an unfavorable effect for the maintenance of bacterial or mycotic flocks (sugar and flour products, alcohol),
    (biogenic amines, coffee, preservatives, dyes, certain vaso-active spices such as peppers, peppers, curry, chili)
    which produce allergic reactions with IgE antibodies or contribute to the formation of pseudoallergic reactions (various food ingredients and / or additives) without immunoglobulin involvement.

Local, external treatment

This is usually done with keratolytic, anti-growth, anti-inflammatory or antimicrobial preparations (urea, lactic acid, tar, dithranol, zinc, ATP, antimycotics), which are regularly tested under wet or dry conditions according to skin condition and microbiological tests - are used. The resulting herding, anti- inflammatory and building effect is supported by medical baths (tar, lactic acid, oil baths). As a rule, only vitamin-containing, moisturizing preparations are used in the post-treatment phase.

Psychological care

The consistent, individual psychological care of the patients is ensured in Neukirchen by a very close contact to our doctors and psychologists as well as through additional therapy forms such as autogenic training seborrheic dermatitis natural cure, yoga and bio-feedback. For this purpose, regular individual and group discussions are also held to explain the therapeutic principles and behavioral therapy guidelines for the post-treatment phase.